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STEAM-ED delivers integrated science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths education for young people.

Afterschool & Homeschool

Run for eight weeks each school term, these fun, hands-on classes provide extra-curricular education to 5 to 13 year olds to learn about science, technology, and robotics through a range of topics.


Term Two 2023 Programme Flyer

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STEAM in the Kitchen 

During this term, students will transform the kitchen into a laboratory of innovation and creativity. We’ll be exploring the wonders of chemistry, discovering plant-based technologies, and turning ordinary ingredients into extraordinary creations while creating useful items and delicious treats.  Through soap-making, eco-friendly cleaning product formulation and crafting natural body care products, students will gain an understanding of the science behind everyday items.  We will also dive into edible chemistry, molecular gastronomy, food preservation and sustainable packaging.

Term Three Programme Flyer

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Holiday Programmes

School holiday programmes run during the year. With classes focusing on robotics and other exciting science focussed topics, children can enrol for certain days or the entire week. MSD subsidies are available for eligible families.


Week 1 - Robotics

Week 2 - STEAM Topics

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In the Community

STEAM-ED's outreach programmes provides funded education classes in the community to make STEAM education accessible to young people who may not usually engage in extra-curricular education. 

If your school is interested in having one of our educators teach a science or robotics lesson, please contact us!

We can also provide professional development for teachers on a pre-arranged topic for groups of up to 15 teachers. This can be at your school or our venue.  We welcome your enquiries for your next professional development session.


STEAM-ED’s mission is to provide open, equitable, high quality and affordable education services that allow students to explore and question using STEAM related fields as a catalyst to inspire them in both the present and the future. STEAM-ED will work hand in hand with the community to deliver education services to all walks of life to allow a STEAM focused future for everyone.


STEAM-ED are grateful to all of our wonderful sponsors who help us with the work we do.

Bay Trust

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Thank you also to the following businesses for supporting our Robotics team to compete in the 2023 VEX Robotics World Championships:

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